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September 28-30


Mika Ruokonen

Business Director, Author

Finland, Futurice


Business professional with broad experience on digital transformation, digital media, eCommerce, digital marketing and software solutions.

Has held several leadership roles that have touched strategy and business development, innovation management and business transformation, as well as sales and marketing. Broad experience on change management and on leading multidisciplinary teams.

Passionate about a) managing innovations and creativity, b) turning digital technologies and data into fast growing businesses, and c) managing businesses, organizations and teams during technology disruptions.

Would like to solve problems that are worth solving (e.g. impact on business, society or people well-being), embrace digitalization & AI and other technologies of the future, as well as manage, coach and lead people and organizations for high performance.

Mika is an author of an upcoming book “”Growth Reinvented – Turn Your Data and AI into Money”” ( and in his speeches he shares his findings on how companies can turn their data and AI assets into sources of new business models, business renewal, competitive edge and growth.


Growth Reinvented – Turn Your Data and AI into Money

How can companies grow and generate more revenues with data and AI? What are the relevant commercial models and monetisation tactics when talking about data and AI as a corporate asset?

Business books, articles and presentations often claim that data and AI can enable completely ‘new business models’, yet there are barely any descriptions of what these new business models could be. Similarly, business leaders often complain that their companies have collected vast amounts of unique high-quality data, but have not yet proved capable of unlocking the business value of these good data assets.

Growth Reinvented is a book that explores new data and AI enabled business models. While current literature commonly focuses on how to companies can use data and AI to amplify their existing product and services, we raise the bar by discussing the commercial opportunities related to using data and AI to create new products, services and business models, thus highlighting this technology as a standalone opportunity.

Building on dozens of practical company examples and case studies, Growth Reinvented offers a playbook of data and AI enabled business models, something that business leaders can easily start to implement in their firms. It also gives guidance on how to drive a coherent business model transformation, as well as a related systemic change in the business.

In a world of unrelenting turbulence, implementation of new data and AI enabled business models, combined with a commitment to transition towards technology-enabled scalable new offerings and revenue models, could be key to building resilience in business. Through these activities, a company can reduce its dependence on legacy businesses and assets, stay relevant to its customers, open new avenues for growth, differentiate from the competition and build an ability to bounce back from any adversity. 

Session Keywords

🔑 AI
🔑 Big Data
🔑 Business Model Innovation

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