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September 28-30


Verdan Mahmood

Senior Software Engineer

The Netherlands, ING Bank

Verdan is a software engineer, working as a Chapter Lead Software Engineering at ING. He is an open source advocate, and has been working on web applications for more than 8 years. An open-source contributor and committer on Apache Amundsen, and Apache Airflow. Born and raised in Pakistan, currently living in The Netherlands.


Towards Enterprise-Grade Data Discovery at ING with Apache Atlas and Amundsen

A successful implementation of the data discovery solution is the key enabler for the true democratisation of data in an enterprise context. It is also a prerequisite for transforming an old-school big data platforms that were primarily designed for ETL processes into robust analytics environment that your data scientist would love.
In the presentation Verdan will share our experience from designing and implementing a data discovery product powered by open-source technologies such as Apache Atlas and Amundsen (initially created by Lyft, and then moved to Linux Foundation). He will discuss the overall architecture, integration with Big Data ecosystem components as well as what kinds of metadata we use to make our solution a powerful and trustworthy solution that facilitates data scientist and analysts work at ING.
Session Keywords
🔑 Data Discovery
🔑 Metadata Governance
🔑 Atlas
🔑 Amundsen

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