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September 28-30


Kane Wu

Co-Founder and CEO

Hong Kong, ThinkCol


Kane is the co-founder and CEO of ThinkCol Transform ( – one of Hong Kong’s first specialized data science consultancy firms. Over the years, he has advised and built AI solutions for many industry powerhouses from various fields, such as Li and Fung, Lenovo, Coca Cola, A.S. Watson and CK Hutchison. Managing data scientists, UI/UX designers and business analysts, Kane leads ThinkCol Transform to enable business to be more AI driven.

Kane has been promoting data science in Hong Kong continuously. He is the chairman of the Hong Kong Data Science Society. Apart from lecturing at HKU Space, Kane has spoken in multiple international conferences and headed executive trainings on artificial intelligence.

Being a seasoned digital consultant, a Certified Public Accountant and a New York attorney, Kane has the unique ability to manage multi-disciplinary ventures. He takes pride in using his technical know-how to transform companies, so that they can be data-driven and innovative entities.

Kane’s specialities include: data science, artificial intelligence, data analytics, web analytics, data visualization, predictive modelling, innovation, trend forecasting, transformation, machine learning, deep learning 


Data Science Case Studies and Formulation of AI Roadmap

From discussing what is AI to practical case studies of AI, Kane will discuss how companies in Hong Kong and world wide uses AI to create business values. Thereafter he will share his experience in working with large multi-international companies. He will discuss potential pitfalls and experiences on what to do and avoid. Finally, Kane will discuss practical tips on how to formulate AI road maps for companies to drive business value.

Session Keywords

🔑 Machine Learning
🔑 Data Science

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