November 24-26


Barr Moses

CEO & Co-Founder of Data/Analytics startup backed by top Silicon Valley investors

USA, Monte Carlo


Barr Moses is CEO & Co-Founder of Monte Carlo, a data/analytics startup backed by Accel and other top Silicon Valley investors. Previously, she was VP Customer Operations at Gainsight (a enterprise customer data platform) where she helped scale the company 10x in revenue and among other functions, built the data/analytics team. Prior to that, she was a management consultant at Bain & Company and a research assistant at the Statistics Department at Stanford. She also served in the Israeli Air Force as a commander of an intelligence data analyst unit. Barr graduated from Stanford with a B.Sc. in Mathematical and Computational Science.


Making Data Downtime a Pillar of Your Data Strategy

Ever had your CEO look at a report and say the numbers look way off? Has a customer ever called out incorrect data in one of your product dashboards? If this sounds familiar, data reliability should be the cornerstone of your data strategy. In this talk, Barr will introduce the concept of “data downtime” — periods of time when data is partial, erroneous, missing or otherwise inaccurate. Data downtime is highly costly for organizations, yet is often addressed ad hoc. She’ll discuss why data downtime matters to the data industry and tactics best-in-class organizations use to address it — including org structure, culture, and technology.

Session Keywords

🔑 Data Reliability
🔑 Data Strategy
🔑 Data Quality

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